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It made me subscribe. Interesting short HEA.

Sweet happy quick reading. I loved it.

boy looks to sissy like (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Whoever runs this site...try grouping ALL the authors books together! You hit the link above on the author's name and NONE of the books below under "More By This Author" are under that link above. You bombard us with freakin' adds, ask for $10 USD a month to get rids of said ads and nothing is categorized correctly! Why isn't here any books under Samantha Rue, she's an author on the book and MANY more by the looks of it! Don't be greedy, fix it! You have series on this site but not ALL of them! And I know the 2nd of this one is out in June! You have three of a series below by these same to authors but guess what?! IT'S MISSING THE FIRST ONE! You're gonna run a site, don't do it half-assed! 😠

That was SO good! Where's the second one?!